Public Health Solutions develops community resource networks that improve New Yorkers’ social determinants of health — or the conditions in the places where people live and work that affect health risks and outcomes. We develop reliable connections between healthcare and community partners so that a person receives the right resources, in the right place, at the right time.

Our ultimate goal is to improve access to needed services by essentially creating “one-stop” for community resources that will:

  1. Remove the burden and challenges that exist for vulnerable New Yorkers in finding, applying for, and receiving community services they need.
  2. Make long-lasting improvements in a person’s health trajectory.
  3. Reduce the reliance on and costs to the healthcare system.

PHS’ Community Resource Networks

To achieve this goal, PHS has started building these networks in multiple, critical areas.

Food and Nutrition Services Bundle Network

Through PHS’ Food and Nutrition Services Bundle Network, we connect food-insecure hospital patients and managed care members with referrals to a myriad of food- and nutrition-related community services including SNAP, WIC, home-delivered meals, food pantries, soup kitchens, senior shared meal sites, discounted source of fresh produce, and diabetes self-management education programs. We work across 40+ community partner sites. Learn more about our work in PHS’ FNS Bundle Network Report.

Maternal Child Home Visiting Network

Our Maternal Child Home Visiting Network connects pregnant and newly-parenting mothers referred to us from hospitals, community health centers, and managed care organizations to home-visiting support services. This unique work ensures that high-risk, soon-to-be mothers get services that meet their individual needs. To date, PHS’ coordinated work in home-visiting programs works across 90 community partner sites.

East Harlem Village Network

PHS works with residents of public housing in East Harlem to connect older adult (aged 65+) residents to nutritious food resources, senior services, health insurance, benefits, and health care services. Called the East Harlem Village Network, the program connects with over 40 partner sites to improve their quality of life and help them to successfully age in place. During the COVID-19 pandemic, PHS’ Get Connected campaign supported these seniors with tablets, internet service, and technology training so that they can safely access telehealth services, groceries, medicine, interactive classes, and more. The results from this project will enable us to expand to more vulnerable seniors in NYC next year.

What Matters To You? Network

PHS’ What Matters To You? Network connects WIC participants to over 20 local organizations that address high-priority social needs in their communities. This program improves health outcomes among vulnerable women and children by increasing retention to receive ongoing support in food checks, nutrition education, and breastfeeding support. What Matters to You? is implemented in partnership with Johns Hopkins University.