Public Health Solutions (PHS) is the largest public health nonprofit serving New York City. We support vulnerable New York City families in achieving optimal health and building pathways to reach their potential. We help communities thrive and work toward achieving health equity for all New Yorkers.

We focus on a wide range of public health issues that overwhelmingly affect the ability of underserved New Yorkers to live their healthiest life. These issues include food and nutrition, health insurance, maternal and child health, reproductive and sexual health, tobacco control, and HIV/AIDS.

Our approach is multi-pronged. We work directly in communities to provide health services to underserved individuals and their families. We conduct independent research to evaluate our impact, highlight public health topics and help drive policy. Through our long-standing public-private partnerships with government agencies, we serve as a critical link in providing financial support and management assistance to hundreds of community-based organizations across the city.

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