Public Health Solutions’ Symposium Series “Integrating Human Services and Clinical Services with Clients at the Center” brings together the most important stakeholders who individually work along the continuum of care to address the systemic inequities that prevent members of New York City community from accessing good health.

The symposium will occur in multiple parts and will feature several experts who will address the greatest challenges in coordinated health and human services delivery, and best practices and strategies to more effectively address the needed policy changes, technology advancements, and funding requirements. We hope that this discussion will help advance the long-term goal of improving health equity for all New Yorkers and bridging the gap between healthcare and communities.

Symposium Series Part One 

The first session of the Symposium series was held on November 13th. Read the summary of the session here.

PHS’ President and CEO, Lisa David, kicked off the Symposium with an introduction to the session, the challenges in addressing social determinants of health, and the need for a collaborative solution that provides a sustainable and coordinated approach to delivering care, while bridging communities and systems of care, and centering around a person’s holistic needs. Watch the introduction session here. Following the introduction, participants were divided into three breakout sessions.

Session 1: Building Integrated Human Services Infrastructure: CBO Capacity, Gaps in Human and Clinical Services Integration, and Accountability  

Nonprofit community-based organizations (CBOs) that deliver human services have been trying to address social determinants of health over the past century, by connecting individuals to resources that allow communities to sustain and thrive. During this session, leaders and experts discussed the current investment, policy, and funding challenges that CBOs and other social service organizations are experiencing when addressing social determinants of health in a value-based health services system. 

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Session 2: Reaching High-Need Populations: Innovations, Partnerships, and Community Driven Solutions

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, industries have defined new ways to deliver their services to New York City’s most underserved populations. In this session, leaders across multiple sectors discussed what has been most effective for their organizations, as it relates to COVID-19 human and health care delivery services, and ways to sustain these areas of innovation for the months to come. 

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Session 3: Technology’s role in Creating an Integrated Public Health Infrastructure: Challengesand Opportunities   

The onset of new technology has brought new obstacles that stakeholders must address in order to address individuals’ social determinants of health data and use this information to inform patient care. This session consisted of an inter-disciplinary panel discussing models of advanced patient data analytics and ideas for cross-agency collaborations that New York can effectively look towards in order to strategize sustainable solutions for health and human service delivery. 

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Listen to the report outs from each session and the ending of the first Symposium Series session here.

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