Our Contracting and Management Services (CAMS) division facilitates the important work that diverse human service organizations are doing for communities in need. We provide industry-leading contracting, fiscal management, and capacity building services. The full range of contracting and management services CAMS provides enables organizations that are crucial to the public health of New Yorkers to have the funding and administrative expertise needed to seamlessly deliver upon their promises.

How does CAMS help?

CAMS works closely with public health organizations to manage and clarify the complexities of contracting. As an intermediary between government and philanthropic funding agencies and funded community-based agencies, we provide a range of services. We organize a clear and rational procurement experience to ensure that the most qualified organizations receive funding. We quickly execute contracts to get and keep important programs running. We provide assistance with budget development, expedite payments, provide meaningful data reports, and perform technical assistance as needed.

Capacity Building

We also provide a full range of capacity building support services directly to service provider organizations. These services include administrative and fiscal services (fiscal conduit, payroll, purchasing, etc.), audit preparation and internal audits, institutional review board (behavioral, epidemiological, and public health-related social science research), program evaluation, and data strategy (facilitation, analysis, advice and coordination).

More information for current contractors, as well as organizations and agencies considering funding opportunities can be found on the Funding page. You will be able to search for current RFPs and contracts, access the contracting portal and CAMS service locator, and find documents, forms, and guides for contracting activities.