Follow these step to enroll for SNAP Assistance.

What to Bring

It’s best to give us a call to discuss what you will need to bring, but here are a few items you will likely need:

  • Identity citizenship status documentation (bring one of the below)
    • Government-issued ID (Drivers’ License, U.S. Passport, green card, etc.)
    • Social Security Number and card
    • Legal immigration documents (U.S. Passport, Green Card, Work Authorization Card, Naturalization Certificate)
  • Benefit Card
  • Current employer and income information (pay stubs, letter from employer, SSI, etc.)
  • Banking Information (bank statement)
  • Housing, shelter, or utility expenses (current lease, statement from landlord, etc.)

*Note: We need documents from every member of your household.

How to Enroll

Bring your documents to one of our SNAP enrollment sites located throughout the city. Our staff will walk you through the application process and can offer assistance for other services.

Become re-certified

When you need, we can assist you in getting SNAP renewed. Our sites are located throughout the five boroughs to help.