Poor health outcomes in New York City are driven by widening gaps in racial and income disparities among New Yorkers.

2 Million New Yorkers live in poverty
and one in eight are unable to afford adequate food for their families

Black pregnant women are 12 times more likely to die
of pregnancy-related complications than white women

New Yorkers in the poorest neighborhoods die 10 years earlier
than those living in the wealthiest communities

65-85% of Black and Latino smokers in NYC use Menthol cigarettes 
as a result of aggressive marketing by Big Tobacco companies

What would it take to reduce health inequities in NYC?  At PHS, we strive for a future where all New Yorkers are living a long and healthy life, no matter how much money they make, the color of their skin, and where they live. 

Our Mission and Vision

To support vulnerable New York City families in achieving optimal health and building pathways to reach their potential.

We tackle health problems head on and collaborate with others to advance long-range solutions.  Our contributions to health effect New Yorkers at every stage of life.

  • Low-income children have lower obesity rates, more nutritious diets and higher academic achievement from participating in social service programs like WIC
  • The rate of uninsured individuals in New York State has reached a historic low
  • High-risk mothers, many of them teenagers, are more likely to finish school, find a job and have a healthy baby because they were helped by PHS’ home visiting programs
  • NYC laws now prohibit smoking in public areas, ban flavored cigarettes and tobacco product sales at pharmacies, and require all residential buildings to create and communicate a smoking policy for residents
  • The incidence of HIV/AIDS in NYC has reached an all-time low
  • More low-income New Yorkers are staying out of hospitals because they are connected to community resources that provide essential needs that impact health

Our Focus

Community Work

Providing direct services within vulnerable communities to improve health outcomes.

Contracting and Management Services

Delivering robust fiscal and administrative grant support for grant-funded community organizations

Healthcare Community Partnerships

Developing coordinated and accountable networks that bridge health and human services to make a sustainable impact in community health

Check out our stories of impact below to see how our programs and services have helped families in New York City, or download our fact sheet for our impact at a glance.

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We Are Public Health

Our vision is a city with health equity — one in which all New Yorkers have a fair and just opportunity to be healthy.

Learn more about the impact of our public health services by listening to the stories of everyday New Yorkers whose lives have been touched by our work.

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