The third and final session of the Symposium series was held on January 21, 2022.

PHS’ President and CEO, Lisa David, kicked off the third session with a recap of the first and second session of the Symposium series which had focused on the challenges in addressing social determinants of health and a review of three innovative local and city level models that have integrated healthcare and social services to improve health outcomes their communities. After the discussions in those sessions, it was clear that a city-wide Community Resource Network (CRN) was essential to achieving health equity in NYC that would:

  • Integrate healthcare and human services 
  • Provide access that improves health outcomes for all New Yorkers  
  • and commit to an equal role for Community-Based Organizations in healthcare delivery system decision-making that involves community resources   

Finally, Lisa David went over outcomes from four expert workgroups we hosted in September 2021, which helped extrapolate practical implications for developing such a citywide CRN. Four key actions were identified, that will serve as the building blocks for the roadmap for improved health outcomes for New Yorkers. These are:  

  • Key Action 1: Secure diversified, flexible and sustainable funding for a city-wide CRN 
  • Key Action 2: Create an administrative backbone and infrastructure to support and facilitate the work of CBOs at all levels of capacity  
  • Key Action 3: Systematically build local community engagement and participation into planning, design, implementation and evaluation   
  • Key Action 4: Employ regulatory methods and advance policies and practices that ensure a favorable technology ecosystem

Watch the introduction session here.

The introduction was followed by five breakout sessions that were sector-specific deep dives into implementation strategies for each of the four key actions. Watch recordings from each of the sessions below:

Hospitals and Healthcare

Philanthropy, Foundations and Government


Managed Care Organizations

Community-Based Organizations

Listen to the report outs from each session and the ending of the Symposium Series session here.