Our Sudden Infant and Child Death Resource Center works to eliminate sudden unexpected deaths of infants and children under three years old in New York City through education and public awareness. We work with a wide range of health and social service professionals, community leaders, educators, and residents to make up-to-date information available about the risks and potential causes of sudden unexpected infant/child death.  We also provide “train the trainer” workshops and offer consultation and counseling to bereaved families, individually and in facilitated support groups.

We collaborate with professionals and community members to increase public awareness through educational presentations on safe sleep practices and infant mortality reduction. The program office is hosted at the NYC Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, providing staff with access to families in need of education and/or bereavement support.

Download our Safe Sleep Sweep app to learn safe sleep practices!

The Safe Sleep Sweep © app is a mobile e-health app designed to raise awareness about safe sleep best practices to reduce the risks for sleep related infant deaths. Entertaining, informative, and interactive, it disseminates knowledge while the person participates in an amusing, multi-level, culturally and linguistically appropriate game requiring little literacy, with challenges and rewards. Free download on IOS smart phones, it provides entertaining incentives for parents of newborn infants to educate themselves on the risks of bed sharing and other sleep related infant safety issues.

Most importantly, Safe Sleep Sweep app© has the potential to help reduce sleep related infant deaths. It is unique because it is a first of its kind bilingual health education game that teaches the player safe sleep and other infant safety techniques with an incentive for successful completion in the form of discounts for a baby or nursery item. This app is a product of a cross-system, international, developmental collaborative: non-profit, for-profit, city and state government agencies. It provides  links to other important online resources so parents can easily subscribe to information services designed to promote maternal and child health through text messaging.

Safe Sleep Sweep app for iPhone  Safe Sleep Sweep app for Android