Our Family Planning Capacity Building Program (FPCBP) supports primary care practices to provide high-quality and innovative family planning services to underserved communities. FPCBP led a Quality Improvement Learning Collaborative (QILC) with four Federally Qualified Health Centers to develop family planning best practices for providers. The results were astonishing.

Following the project, Public Health Solutions developed a toolkit called Improving the Quality of Contraceptive Care in Primary Care Settings: A Toolkit for Practitioners. It is available to download for healthcare organizations and providers undertaking QI projects to improve contraceptive care in their practices.

Public Health Solutions received funding to lead a similar QILC with six New York City Health + Hospitals adolescent clinics. Public Health Solutions also received funding to provide family planning capacity building as part of Choose Well, a contraceptive access initiative to reduce unintended pregnancy in South Carolina and to help educate women and men of all ages so that they can make informed decisions about their reproductive health, free from coercion or stigma.

To learn more, visit our Family Planning Capacity Building page in the community work section.

Family Planning Capacity Building