Public Health Solutions and Emory University collaborated to create a bilingual (English and Spanish) online application to help teens and young women engage in the contraceptive decision-making process. is a decision-making tool that helps young women choose a birth control method that is effective, medically appropriate, and best fits their preferences and priorities.

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How It Works

Users take a 5-to-10 minute survey that answers question about her basic health, medical history, period, sexual behavior, and birth control preferences, as well as priorities such as when she wants to become pregnant, or whether she needs to keep her method private from her family and/or partner. After completing the WhichMethod assessment, the screen will immediately display the top four birth control methods that best fit the user’s life and goals.

Four additional birth control options are displayed that that are less likely to fit with the user’s lifestyle, and finally, all remaining birth control methods are displayed that are not recommended based on answers to questions. WhichMethod takes into account 19 different birth control methods. Users do not need to know anything about contraceptive methods to use the site.


The application was rigorously tested among more than 2,000 family planning patients. In the trial, women who used the application were significantly more likely to choose an effective contraceptive method, and were significantly more likely to continue using it four months later.

Who can use

Any woman who does not want to become pregnant right now. It can be used on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer that can access the internet.