Hispanic Couple with Newborn

We provide a variety of evidence-based home-visiting services to pregnant and parenting families. Our Nurse Home Visitors, Family Support Workers, and Community Health Workers offer education, tools, and support during pregnancy and through early childhood. These services are voluntary and free. They support low-income families to access healthcare and community resources, learn about healthy parenting and bonding with their baby, continue their own education and employment, and support their child’s optimal development. Mothers are screened for depression and other behavioral risks and children are screened for achievement of developmental milestones.

Our home-visiting programs improve the health and well-being of vulnerable families. Benefits include improved birth outcomes, reduced childhood injuries, fewer unplanned pregnancies, enhanced parent-child interaction, increased maternal employment, and improved school readiness. These programs specialize in outreach and referrals — the surest way to reach the most at-risk women and families and connect them to the most appropriate services.