A long week of waiting for every vote to be counted in the presidential election has finally concluded, and Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris have been elected as President and Vice President of the United States. This is a victory for public health in New York City and across the country. It is also a moment to reflect on all the work that remains to be done.

In their repudiation of President Trump, Americans chose a new path for the health of their families and their neighbors. The Trump administration spent four years pushing policies that made vulnerable groups like the ones we serve sicker and more at-risk, and widened the health disparities we’ve spent decades fighting against. It will now be the Biden administration’s urgent responsibility to reverse restrictions like the public charge rule and expand programs like SNAP. With a broader and stronger social safety net, we can expand our reach to help even more New Yorkers.

This result comes in the midst of an unprecedented and challenging year for our city and our country. In the face of massive change and uncertainty, our staff has consistently stepped up to help our communities navigate this time of crisis. While we have reason to be hopeful about President-Elect Biden’s COVID-19 leadership – including the implementation of his plan to get the virus under control and provide much-needed relief to those who are still struggling – the economic and health impacts of the coronavirus pandemic are still affecting our organization and our communities every day. We remain relentless in our work to get New Yorkers back on their feet during this difficult time. Our work does not stop here.

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