Public Health Solutions (PHS) is thrilled to receive an award under the U.S. Office of Population Affair (OPA)’s “Funding to Address Dire Need for Title X Family Planning Services” grant that will support PHS’ long-awaited return to the national Title X program. Since 2019, New York has been one of the four states without a Title X provider, and as such, the need for Title X services in NYC is vast and critical.

PHS’ Sexual and Reproductive Health Centers provide a wide range of affordable, high-quality and comprehensive health services to thousands of adults and teens in Brooklyn, many of whom live in the borough’s most underserved neighborhoods. Providers also observed that preventive health consultations dropped during the pandemic, which was especially concerning given that for many of our clients, PHS’ health centers are their only source of care.

This grant will restore much-needed funding to our six former sub-recipient partners and 13 service sites, including PHS’ two Sexual and Reproductive Health Centers in Brooklyn, as well as expand our Title X Program through the addition of one new sub-recipient and their two service sites. The funds provided through this grant will support grantee and sub-recipient capacity building activities that are vital to scaling up PHS’ Title X Program in line with OPA’s priorities and new Title X regulations.

After the extremely difficult decision to leave the Title X program in 2019 due to the Trump administration’s outrageous gag rule, PHS was encouraged when the Biden administration swiftly rescinded the rule and made it possible for Title X recipients to once again offer comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care services.

This Title X “Dire Need” award provides us with the funding we need to protect and expand the essential right to reproductive care and ensure accessible, equitable and high-quality care for all New Yorkers regardless of ability to pay. At a time when reproductive rights are under attack by state governments and the Supreme Court, it has never been more urgent to strengthen access to reproductive and sexual health services

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