Public Health Solutions (PHS) is the largest public health nonprofit serving New York City. For over 60 years, PHS has improved health outcomes and helped families thrive by providing services directly to the city’s most vulnerable populations, publishing independent research that moves public health policy and practice forward, and supporting over 200 community-based organizations through our long-standing government partnerships. We are a leader in addressing crucial public health issues, including food and nutrition, health insurance access, maternal nd child health, reproductive health, tobacco control, and HIV/AIDS prevention. PHS has a strong focus on health equity to ensure NYC families have the basics for a healthier life.

There are many ways to get involved and support our mission. In addition to making donations directly through the PHS website and receiving our monthly newsletter to stay updated on news and events, you can now take advantage of online platforms to help set up your own fundraising events – and if you have a social media account, you’ve already done half the work. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are three of the major social networks that can be used to engage donors and potential donors. Not only will your support be voiced to your friends and followers list, but also by a much larger audience you can choose to reach by promoting your page or posts.

Increasing awareness and encouraging donations can be as easy as tweeting (if you’re a Twitter user) a request to donate to PHS. Simply include a link to our donation page and a short message explaining why a donation is important. Additionally, you can add hashtags to your tweet so it’s easy to find for other users who happen to be searching for those words. If you’re not sure what to say, you can also retweet (RT) something from PHS’ official Twitter page to help spread awareness of any news or events we may be running.

You can use Instagram in much of the same way to support PHS. If you’d like to utilize these platforms to raise money on a larger scale, you also have the option to create a ‘business account,’ whereby you can promote your posts to reach larger audiences. To make it easier for your followers, you can include a link to the PHS donation page in your bio, so your followers will understand how to support PHS whenever they come across your profile.

Facebook features some of the most comprehensive fundraising tools of any social network. In 2016, Facebook released a fundraising tool that allowed organizations to raise money directly from their News Feed and host a ‘Donate’ button on their organization’s profile that redirects to an assigned page. However, Facebook goes a step further by allowing everyday users to set up a fundraiser themselves while also notifying their entire friends list. This is an incredibly useful tool, as your News Feed can be comprised of hundreds and hundreds of post, while notifications, in comparison, are far fewer.

Facebook can also be used to create fundraising events (like a 5K run or a bottle drive). You can use a site like Eventbrite to register your event online for free and coordinate ticket sales. Eventbrite has the added benefit of being fully integrated with Facebook events; allowing a seamless transition between promoting and managing your event.

With so many tools at your disposal, you can make a direct impact in the lives of those who need help most from the palm of your hand. For more information on how you can help out, visit

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