Improving Access to Healthy Food

We bring healthier foods and food environments to families and communities with the goals of ending hunger, improving nutrition, preventing obesity, and improving food systems.

Improving Nutrition and Preventing Obesity

Obesity, especially in early childhood, can impact health for a lifetime. We are committed to helping people make healthy choices for themselves and their children. Public Health Solutions works to improve nutrition and reduce obesity by:

  • Providing vouchers for healthy food to low-income pregnant women, mothers of children under five, and their families at our Neighborhood WIC centers.
  • Using these centers to offer nutrition education, hands-on cooking demonstrations, and peer-led breastfeeding support to vulnerable communities.
  • Demonstrating healthy shopping and eating practices in Between Two Plates/Entre Dos Platos, a telenovela-style video series featuring families who buy and prepare nutritious food while sticking to a budget, and It’s Never Too Early, a multilingual video series focused on feeding babies under age two a healthy diet.

Improving Food Systems

Stronger food systems make for healthier communities. We are committed to supporting innovative and sustainable improvements in community food access and quality through strong and ongoing collaborations. Public Health Solutions improves food systems by:

  • Making healthy food available to all by training and monitoring WIC vendors and seeking out partnerships with the businesses that provide food to vulnerable communities.
  • Partnering with farmers markets, grocery stores, and community food stakeholders to share best practices and promote growth.
  • Researching and reporting on the impact of statewide changes in the WIC food package on the eating habits of young children.

The World Health Organization defines food security as all people at all times having access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food for an active, healthy life. We are committed to a New York City where everyone has enough to eat; all New Yorkers have equal access to nutritious, fresh, and healthy food; and our food system is just, sustainable and healthy. Public Health Solutions works to end hunger by:

  • Connecting eligible adults and families to SNAP, WIC, and other programs that provide access to nutritious food.
  • Partnering with community organizations and retailers to combat food insecurity and build strong neighborhoods.