Virtual Bereavement Program Is Using Technology to Help Families Cope with Child Loss

Losing a child during late pregnancy or early infancy is one of the most trying experiences a family can go through. Families who don’t have access to private health insurance providers often face a steep barrier to receiving the support they need.

By creating “Remembering You/Remembering Us,” an online support group for the parents of children who have passed away due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or other late term pregnancy and early infancy complications, Public Health Solutions and Healthy Start Brooklyn have partnered to address this often hidden public health issue.  

The group welcomes bereaved parents who have experienced late pregnancy loss, as well as the loss of infants up to one year of age. They meet weekly for fifty minutes via conference call, which parents can sign up for through their website and the conference call is facilitated by an experienced grief counseling consultant; who remains on the call after the allotted time in order to answer any follow-up questions or address any issues that may require referrals to outside services, including services that accept Medicaid.

The online/conference call format removes the logistical barriers that would have hindered meetings in the past and gives the group an easily accessible way to reach one another to exchange information and ideas – the site features a blog where members can share their stories, a link to resources, information about upcoming events, and of course information on how to sign up for the next group conference call. 

To learn more about Remembering You/Remembering Us, please click here