Executive Office
Ellen L. Rautenberg President & CEO  
Steven Newman Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer  
Victoria Pusateri Board Secretary
Robert Dalton Director of Internal Audit  
Gary Zimmerman Director  
Christine Deberry Purchasing Associate  
John Amoroso Purchasing Associate  
 Public Health Programs
Louise Cohen Vice President, Public Health Programs  
Avital Havusha Deputy Director  
Barbara Silver Senior Director, Public Health Programs Management and Operations  
Corinna Lohser Deputy Director, Development and Special Projects  
Marci Rosa Senior Director, Maternal Child Health  
Natalie Tobier Senior Director, Reproductive Health Programs  
Rachel Baum Deputy Director, Reproductive Health Programs  
Sabrina Baronberg Senior Director, Food and Nutrition Programs  
Toni Liquori Executive Director, School Food FOCUS  
 Research & Evaluation
Mary Ann Chiasson, DrPH Vice President  
Sabina Hirshfield, PhD Senior Research Scientist  
Roberta Scheinmann Research Scientist  
Allison Meserve Research Associate  
 Legal Affairs & Contracts Management
Jane Levine Vice President for Legal Affairs/General Counsel  
Mayna Gipson Director, Contracts Management  
Leslie Boyd-Caines Deputy Director, Contracts Management  
Krista Lepper Assistant General Counsel  
Ohyoon Kim Assistant General Counsel  
 Development & Communications
Benjamin Kim Vice President for Strategic Development  
Diane Gover Director, Grants Management  
Erin Roberts Deputy Director of Strategic Development  
 Fiscal Services
Joseph Trapani Chief Financial Officer  
Kathleen Fitzpatrick Deputy Comptroller, Accounting & Financial Reporting  
Chalres  Vento Assistant Controller, Grants Management  
Grecia Becerra Fiscal Manager  
Laura Zang Accountant  
Rosita Byrd Fiscal Manager  
David Jean-Pierre Accountant  
Pauline Lin Accountant  
Carolina Liriano Fiscal Manager  
Leo Ng Senior Accountant  
Elaine Santiago Fiscal Manager  
Rosemarie  Santos Assistant Controller, Grants Management  
Lizette Birch Bookepper  
Madelyn Hernandez Payroll Associate/Junior Accountant  
     Accounts Payable
Ralph Aliperto Accounts Payable Coordinator  
Michael Carrasquillo Manager, Accounts Payable  
Khalida Gordon Accounts Payable Coordinator  
Michael Keough Deputy Director for Payroll  
 Human Resources
Thomas Salvo Vice President & Human Resources and Organizational Development  
Sophia Moulton Benefits Manager  
   Office Services
Victor Garcia Manager  
Darwin Recalde Office Services Supervisor
Serlender Glover Receptionist
   Central Support Services
Angelique Parks Administrative Assistant  
Claudette McKenzie Administrative Assistant
 MIS / Telecommunications
Peter Jensen Chief Information Officer  
Chris Koveleski Systems Administrator  
Jorge Hernandez Systems Support Technician  
Warren Uy Systems Support Technician  
Alan Jung Systems Support Technician  
     Programming/Web Development
Susan Vitucci Deputy Director of Web Development and Programming