Capacity Building, Technical Assistance and Training


Peter Jensen, Project Director
220 Church Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10013
Phone: 646-619-6400
Fax: 646-619-6781
Email: Inquiry@healthsolutions.org

Data Link is a capacity building division of MHRA, established in 1994 to provide computer training and technical assistance--particularly information management-- to agencies receiving Ryan White Title I CARE Act funds to serve people living with HIV/AIDS.

Data Link has expanded its activities to include a wide range of computer technology consulting and software training services to the nonprofit community throughout the greater metropolitan region. Our Training and Conference Center is equipped with classrooms and state-of-the-art computer labs that are ADA-certified and can accommodate various custom training needs. Data Link is committed to providing quality information management to support public health initiatives and to enhance services to people who are at high risk and underserved.

While most nonprofit organizations have at least a minimal level of computer hardware and software, many do not have the technical expertise to use or enhance their computer resources. Using a team of seasoned technology professionals, Data Link provides:

Computer Technology Consulting Services
Web Application Design
Database Design, Programming and Management
Network Design, Planning, Installation and Support
End User Support and Help-Line Coverage
Technical Staff Outsourcing
Hardware/Software Requisition

Multi-Level Software Training
Proprietary Software
Custom Software
Commercial Software
The Uniform Reporting System (URS)
Basic and System Administration

Nonprofit Consulting Services

Victoria Pusateri
220 Church Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10013 
Phone: 646-619-6529
Email: VPusateri@healthsolutions.org

Nonprofit Consulting Services, a capacity building division of Public Health Solutions, provides organizational, financial and programmatic management consulting services to a wide range of nonprofits, in order to help them build and strengthen their structural capacity, operate more effective and efficient programs, and better effect positive change for the individuals and communities they serve. Nonprofit Consulting Services was founded in 1993 to assist New York City's HIV/AIDS service providers to develop much needed infrastructure and organizational capacity to keep pace with rapidly changing funding environments and shifting priorities in the fight against the disease.

Nonprofit Consulting Services' services have led to organizations clarifying their missions, goals and objectives; understanding and developing unit capacity for service delivery; analyzing data to determine if the organization is meeting service targets and client needs; streamlining fiscal processes and facilitating better accountability; and measuring the impact of services on the lives of clients.

Nonprofit Consulting Services' expertise includes:

  • Fiscal Management Best Practices and Accountability

  • Human, Fiscal and Technical Resources Assessment

  • Program Development

  • Curricula Development

  • Human Resource Management

  • Government and Private Funding Contracts Management

  • Funding Identification and Diversification

  • Government and Private Foundation Grant Writing

  • Clinical Interviewing

  • Staff Supervision Training

  • Behavioral Science Theory in the Development of New Public Health Programs

  • Internet-based HIV Prevention and Other Public Health Interventions

  • Program Evaluation, Outcomes Management and Data Analysis

  • Database Development