Public Health Solutions recently released volume 2 of our ongoing Health Brief series, that featured a new report that found that most New Yorkers, including a large number of smokers and e-cigarette users, favor New York City policies that prohibit smoking and vaping outside workplace entrances and on workplace grounds.

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Key findings from the report indicated:

  • Working in a place that maintains a smoke-free outdoor space is important and has a positive impact on employees.
  • Not all New Yorkers currently have an outdoor smoke-free policy in place at their workplace.
  • Employers do a good job communicating smoke-free workplace policies.
  • For most New York workers, their employer enforces the nonsmoking policies. Peer pressure and government forces have less impact on enforcement of these policies.

New York City has come a long way in reducing outdoor smoking, but this report highlights that there remains significant room for improvement in creating smoke-free spaces. Stay tuned for upcoming issues of Health Briefs by subscribing to our newsletter here.

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