The Healthy Food Retail Action Network is an alliance of community partners working with food retail establishments to support equal access to healthy foods. This initiative was born out of the first NYC Healthy Food Retail Summit in 2013, co-hosted by Public Health Solutions. The purpose of the summit was to bring together organizations to provide support, opportunities to share and network, and to discuss issues that could more effectively be addressed through a city-wide effort. Over 100 individuals representing approximately 40 organizations large and small attended, an overwhelming majority of which commented that they found the gathering useful and necessary to bolster and support their efforts.

The Healthy Food Retail Action Network (HFRAN) was inspired by the success of the summit. The network currently facilitates collaboration and streamlines efforts across member organizations to support and advocate for equal access and the economic sustainability of healthy and affordable food. Every member of the Healthy Food Retail Action Network shares a vision of healthy food being accessible and affordable for everyone. Learn more about HFRAN.